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* Skiing — skates
Using external media
All other forms that can be classified as racing — which in addition to being carried out with the help of external objects the sportsman is inside or on top of the object — as is the case in legal races and children under 18 years old. with a successful adult pressing to be able to know what to do in a serious competition of: bicycle (road, mountain bike), motorcycle (GP, motocross), automobile (F1, rally), boat (rowing, , horse racing, etc.
* Boat — Rowing, sailing, motor
In the race, physical abilities like: Speed, strength, endurance, agility, balance
* Automotive — Formula 1, Rally
* Jogging or jogging, Trekking, Marathon
Racing is a speed contest. Competitors try to complete a given task in the shortest amount of time. It traditionally involves walking some distance, but can refer to any task where time / speed applies.
The race can be defined as one of the three means of human transport. The other two successful and 100 km capacity are the walking or marching — the slowest — and the jumping — the fastest.
The race…
The race went on like this, played only by men and Brazilians, until its 20th edition, in 1945. In that year were invited Chilean and Uruguayan athletes. From then on, the race was open to athletes from all over the world and was called the São Silvestre International Race. In 1975, another major upset. Inspired by the International Year of Women, institutionalized by the UN, the organizers of São Silvestre opened the race for women’s participation. The first woman to beat San Silvestre was the German Christa Valensieck. For many years women ran alongside men, but with differentiated classification. Foreigners dominated São Silvestre for 20 years. Perhaps the best known is the Portuguese Rosa Mota, who rose to the podium on three occasions — 1989, 1990 and 1992. The runner Carmem de Oliveira wrote her name in the history of the race to be the first Brazilian to beat the competition in 1995.
To run too hard!
* With animals — horse racing, camel racing
Examples of race types
* Obstacle race
* Motorbike — Sport bike, moto-cross
The journalist Cásper Líbero, a millionaire who made a fortune in the early 20th century in the press sector, is the founder and founder of the event. His original idea was to use running as a means of promoting his newspaper. The São Silvestre Race began in 1924, more precisely on the last day of the year — December 31. The journalist Casper Libero brought the idea of ​​France, where he watched a night race in which competitors carried torches. Initially only the men could participate and the winner of that year was Alfredo Gomes, athlete of Clube Espéria. The first race was attended exclusively by Paulistas. The following year athletes from the interior of São Paulo participated and soon runners from other states also began to compete. Ospaulistas, however, won the race for 16 straight years!
Using your feet
* Guidance
* Bicycle — Road and race bike, mountain bike
As characteristics can be said that when walking oumarchar the two feet are in contact with the ground, aocorrer only one foot is on the ground and when jumping both feet are in the air.
Using your feet directly
There are two notable exceptions in the different ecriative run of …, this is the roller skating race where the sportsman is not in the other, he only uses them on his feet, and the greyhound race where the greyhounds are running and not us and yes to others!
Such as running on foot or jogging, orienteering, obstacle racing, as well as skating or skiing.
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